Smai Gold 14oz Kata Gi

Gold 14oz Kata gi
Price: $179.00 including GST

SMAI Gold Kata Karate Gi is manuactured to WKF specifications along with many innovative features which include mesh inserts inside the jacket and pants to add strength and give SMAI a distintive edge over the competition. Sizing chart on Kata Gis differ to the SMAI Kumite sizing chart to give you slight length on the jacket with a shorter sleeve and pants design within WKF Standards. Manufactured from the best German Knitted double brushed 14oz Canvas for a tight and smooth Crisp finish, sleeves, jacket, pants and cuffs are finished in 10 rows of stitching! available in a full sizing range for all Karate ka that want a premium competition kata uniform that will give you the edge and confidence over the competition. Master your sport and enjoy! No Belt Included